Ranma 1/2 - Production Cel 130

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An original production cel of the hit anime, Ranma 1/2.

Condition: The layers are firmly stuck together.
Layers: D4 is Ranma, B4 is Kasumi.
Description: Ranma is acting oddly after banging her head on a rock. Kasumi is about to hold up three fingers. Kasumi: "Ranma, dear, how many fingers?" (The two layers are from the same scene, but not from the exact same instant. By the time Ranma is in the shown pose, Kasumi already has three fingers up. The Ranma layer comes about 0.9 seconds after the Kasumi layer. They were probably mis-matched after the fact, because their sequence number "4" is the same.)
From: Season 3 Episode 9. "Am I... Pretty? Ranma's Declaration of Womanhood" (~4:10)