One Piece - Episode Of East Blue: Luffy And His Friends? Great Adventure Blu-Ray/DVD

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One Piece - Episode of East Blue: Luffy and His Friends? Great Adventure is in Standard Definition on a Blu-ray disc and contains the TV Special of the anime directed by Takahashi Otsuka.

Experience the inspiring moments that launched Luffy and the first four members of his crew on their grand adventure to find the One Piece!

It’s all here—from Shanks giving Luffy the straw hat, to Nami facing the Fish-Men at her hometown. Along the way, Zoro finds his swordsman’s zeal, Usopp pays for his pranks, and Sanji sizzles up the Baratie. Join the crew where it all began in the waters of East Blue.

Special Features: One Piece: The Journey and the Legacy