Assassination Classroom The Movies Blu-Ray/DVD

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Assassination Classroom The Movies Blu-Ray/DVD
Assassination Classroom comes to life in this two-part live-action movie series. Join the students of Class 3-E as they learn to become proper assassins and try to kill their teacher!
At Kunugigaoka Junior High, Class 3-E is the lowest of the low. With abysmal test scores and no future prospects, they???ve been given up on and are hidden away from the main campus at the top of a deserted mountain. But when a tentacled creature with a thirst for destruction becomes their new teacher, they???ve got a brand-new assignment to get them inspired about school: take him out!
Though they???ve got killing on the brain, they???ll quickly learn there???s more to Koro Sensei than just a will to kill. They???ll discover come finals time, they???ll have to solve the ultimate problem????do they save the world or the world???s greatest teacher?
Special Features: Japanese Trailer: Graduation Version, Trailers